STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Sanders

May 25th, 2015 at 2:10am

My name is Sydney, and welcome to my first CollegeFashionista STYLE GURU BIO! I’m a junior at the University of Houston, where I study Integrated Communications and Graphic Communication Technology.

I’m honored to be able to share my fashionable finds from the good ole south with you guys. I split my time between Houston and Dallas, two of the most fashion-forward cities in Texas. There is literally always someone to admire every time I leave the house, and that’s going to help me bring good content to you guys!

This CollegeFashionista internship caught my eye because I love the diversity that is found on college campuses. At such a growing point in many people’s lives, it is amazing to see so many different personalities unfold through clothing. People can be super chill in their joggers or very pristine in their pencil skirts and heels. You honestly never know what you’ll see during a school day.

Personally, I dress myself in a mix of comfy and glam. Since school does require early classes, dressing up everyday isn’t an option, but I will put in more effort than just sweatpants by wearing boyfriend jeans. Given the time, I will get dolled up with a nice dress or skirt and sandals. Houston is pretty humid, but for the winter, it is fun to bring out my leather pants and UGGs. I’m a complete girly girl, and that shows through what I wear.

This summer, I hope to bring you guys so much inspiration! It is my goal to enlighten both of our minds by picking Fashionistas/os that take risks and look put together at the same time. Fashion is all about fun, and I can’t wait to have fun bringing y’all my Dallas finds.