Hello Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Sydney and this fall I will be a sophomore at Ohio University where I’m studying Journalism. My summer is jam packed! I’ll be adventuring to several places with both family and friends as well as working as a waitress; but most of all, I’m exceedingly eager to write for CollegeFashionista!

My style shifts and evolves along with myself. I’ve never really fit into a set style genre. Lately, I’ve been going for a more classic style. I adore the shapes of classic pieces and the simplicity they bring to any outfit. I also like to bring my own personality into my outfits. So, onto an explanation of my current summer style.

First of all, forget boys this summer because rompers are my main love. They are essentially the perfect outfit. Your top will always match your bottoms and it’s only one more piece of clothing to toss on top of that ever-growing laundry pile. Today I’m wearing a Monteau romper with an empire waist. My favorite part of this romper is the scalloped bottom and sleeves which makes the outfit a tad bit more feminine.

I also donned my classic jean jacket. At the moment, this is my favorite piece of clothing that I have ever owned. It goes with nearly every outfit imaginable and though some may have deemed it geeky, I love to tie it around my waist. I actually bought a men’s jacket from the Levi’s store because I dislike how women’s jean jackets are always cut above the waist. The men’s jacket was my choice because it fit more how I wanted and also brought back that retro ‘90s look. My bag is also from the same decade, it’s a two-toned, leather Esprit purse that my mom was given and has passed onto me.

As for shoes, my Converse are my go-to pair. I chose a navy duo because they’re super versatile. I prefer the high-tops because they’re such a classic sneaker, you can’t go wrong! My Fossil watch is another staple in nearly all of my outfits. The best part about it is that I can change the bands to match any outfit. The current band is one of my favorites and it’s perfect for the summertime.

Last but certainly not least, my beauty look. When it comes to makeup I like to keep things natural. The only time I digress is for a good lipstick. Other than that, I love to wear brown eyeliner and I’m constantly using the colors Sin and Virgin from my original Naked palette.

Overall, my style is pretty simple and classic, but with a few of my own added twists. I love keeping an eye out for new trends and looks to try because I like to keep things current. I can’t wait to write about those trends too! Anyways, ciao for now, see you next week!