STYLE GURU BIO: Susana Galindo

Hey there Fashonistas/os! My name is Susana Galindo, and I love food, lipstick and clothes.

As I mentioned in my previous bio, my interest in clothes started from a young age as I made clothes for my Barbie’s more than I played with them. Also, I distinctly remember my mom NEVER dressed down for anything. To this day, it’s a rare occasion to see her not wearing heals. Like every little girl, I wanted to do what my mom did, so I walked around in her heels and put on her clothes. Granted, as a six-year-old, I drowned in her clothes and fell every step I took in her heels, but I loved every second of feeling dressed up.

My middle school years was most definitely my fashion rock bottom. I’m talking I had colored pants in every pastel color and hoop earrings to match. My hair was always parted down the middle with absolutely no volume and awkward face framing layers. To top it all off, I had white FILA sneakers to which I changed the shoelaces daily to match the rest of my outfit. Needless to say, I am more than glad that those years are behind me.

Right now, I think my fashion taste is going through a mix of emotions. I love getting creative or edgy with my outfits, but at the same time I’m starting to like a more mature/less is more style. I’m a bit bipolar in that sense because one day I can look completely different than I did the day before. I guess that’s the beauty of fashion, though. You can do whatever you want and whatever feels good that day.

This semester is my second as a Style Guru, and I’m super excited to continue to share fashion inspiration with you all!