STYLE GURU BIO: Stephen Aaron

Happy New Year!! I’m Stephen Aaron and I’m so excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista. While I’m not majoring in anything to do with fashion, it has long been one of my many passions.  Attending school in Chicago is so exciting because there are Fashionista/os are EVERYWHERE. I love having access to the entire city and being able to see how each neighborhood has its own style!

Being in Chicago has taught me that the weather never stays the same and I have truly learned the importance of layering. Sometimes the most bitter cold mornings turn out to be the nicest, most gorgeous days, even in the winter. That’s what I love about cold weather, though. I love the coats, sweaters, scarves and even gloves.

How appropriate that as I write this, people are starting off their celebrations of the new year and making resolutions. One of my many (which may or may not include to get in shape) is to dress with confidence. Sometimes I find myself worrying a little bit too much about what I’m going to wear and how I’ll wear it. I was to embrace the edgier trends that the year will offer and explore how I can mix those edgy fashions with the classic style I love so much. I love the stark contrast between black and white that’s so popular right now. I can’t wait to embrace the silhouettes we’ve seen on the runways for men’s wear. The shirts that push the envelope a little bit. Maybe I’ll try a pair of printed pants. I might even splurge and get a pair of shoes you can see from a mile way.

Either way I know it’ll be a good year!