STYLE GURU BIO: Stephanie Smolen

As this is my first post, it only makes sense that it lets you into my life and my go-to “not-so-dirty” fashion secrets! However, instead of trying to be super trendy and stand out for uniqueness on my first article, I wanted to be real and show you the relaxed, genuine girl underneath the style of luxury brands and spontaneous makeup choices.

Here, I am in a boutique dress, longer knitted cardigan and some simple black wooded heels. How much more comfortable can we get? The sweater and the dress may be targeted for colder weather, however, I work with AC all day and it is the perfect combination for a summer day in the great city of Columbia, South Carolina! It is casual and very simple. Always remember, simplicity is sometimes the key to success and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to succeed?

Coming down to school from up north, specifically the great little state of New Jersey, it was hard not to loose myself to the Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rodgers, monogrammed life. To this day, I have never tried to be something I’m not and yes my style changes everyday, it’s always best to remember where you came from and who you want to be. I have a very boho, edgy style with boyfriend jeans, cropped tops, dark brown lipstick, etc. But at the same time, I do not stray far from the cozy dresses and double chains.

Fashion is always changing and the best part about loving the industry is that you get to change with it! You get to define who you are and no one can take that creativity away from you. Whatever you wear, wear it to the best, rock it and don’t ever look back! I’m proud to have a style like mine and it is even cooler that that I get to show to you through this wonderful platform of imagination with no limitations. As well as the fact that I get to photograph and blog about others who have their own refined style.

Looking forward to a RAD summer! Be sure to stay tuned and always remember, smiles are infectious.