STYLE GURU BIO: Stephanie Choi

Hello! My name is Stephanie and I am thrilled to be representing the University of Toronto as a Style Guru this summer. I am currently going into my fourth year of university this coming September, majoring in women gender studies and a double minor in psychology and Buddhist psychology/mental health. My programs of study might seem a bit random, but I feel it all ties together in that I get to learn about people, how our society works and I get to have conversations on issues surrounding current events.

I find that fashion is a platform for many narratives that express an individual’s personality as it definitely has done for me. My personal aesthetic involves minimalist pieces and I tend to mostly gravitate towards neutral colors. I try keep it interesting by incorporating unique pieces, such as the top I am wearing here with a cross back structure. Personally, I have a bright personality upfront, but I do have a serious and contemplative side as well, which I feel is expressed through my style.

My inspirations come from the fast growing Asian-Canadian/American fashion community that have just begun to permeate through social media and in the fashion industry, which makes me extremely proud of my identity as an Asian-Canadian. I feel I have taken a huge step in being a part of the growing presence of Asians in the fashion world by joining this awesome community of Fashionista/os and I am so excited to see what the rest of the summer as a Style Guru has in store for me!