STYLE GURU BIO: Starr Bowenbank

Hi there!

My name is Starr Bowenbank and I am a Style Guru that’s scouting out all of the most up-to-date fashion trends located at my campus for CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College, located in the lower east side of Manhattan, New York City. My interest in fashion dates back to some of the earliest memories of my childhood. As a young girl, my eldest sister wished to pursue a career in the fashion industry, specifically in the field of modeling and fashion design. Magazines and fashion programs such as America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway were permanent fixtures in my household and on my television as a kid.

It’s no surprise that I eventually developed a love for the things that I was then exposed to. In order to increase my chances of having a career in fashion magazine publication, I have decided to try my hand at being a member of the CollegeFashionista community as a way to hone my skill set, challenge myself to take pictures better suited for fashion photography and write with a voice that readers my age can identify and connect with.

As for my outfit, it shows the quirkier side of my personality. My crop top and skirt are both denim pieces, and I always love to add extra flair to an outfit by adding my trusty bowler hat or silver cuff bracelet. Fun fact: I’ve had my bowler hat for about five years now! I am a fan of fashion that is whimsical and daring, and I try to incorporate that into my own personal style as often as I can.

Outside of the fashion industry, my interests remain in the field of arts and culture with music being one of my main interests. I am a huge sucker for stumbling onto artists that are on the cusp of being the next big thing in the music industry. Seeing indie bands live in concert is the key to seeing me at my happiest. Some of my favorite bands and artists include: Marina and the Diamonds, Melanie Martinez, The 1975 and many more. I also enjoy pop culture, 3D cyber art forms and anything pastel colored. I’m beyond excited to have been selected to be a Style Guru and I can’t wait to make this a RAD summer!