STYLE GURU BIO: Sruti Rachapudi

January 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Sruti Rachapudi

Drawn to engineering because of its logic and to medicine because of its compassion, I find new realities. Although these are two disciplines I’m fond of, they stand alongside love for art—vibrant colors and strangely unique paintings fill my bedroom and still work to excite me. As a result, I observe almost as often as I create.

Transitioning between school and home life each day in high school was comical; the daytime rigor of classes met the evening joys of paintings. This all changed when college really opened my sea of endless creation through fashion. It’s tough to describe my sense of style. I’ve found that I’m drawn to awkward patterns and loud colors, dainty shoes and chunky boots, minimal jewelry and statement necklaces. To some, my choices in fashion may be contradictory—but to me, it’s balance.

Since I’m currently a rising sophomore studying biomedical engineering and working toward becoming a doctor, my mind continues to mature in college while my childish enthusiasm remains through fashion. Gradually my school life advanced into a world more similar to the one at home; my unfettered curiosity now explored through my wardrobe instead of paintbrushes.

For this look, I took a basic black V-neck shirt and slipped it under a maroon cardigan I got from Boohoo. I paired this top with floral pants carrying maroon roses and these cream colored heels. For the final touch, I added a leaf necklace to match the “floral garden” theme that my pants help pull together.

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