STYLE GURU BIO: Sophie Herzing

Happy New Year Fashionista/os! You know that corny saying that comes with every January 1st, “New year, new me!” Well, that’s the great thing about fashion isn’t it? Every day you get to wake up and be someone new with your style. One day I might want to wear my Converse with my ripped jeans and the next I’m in a pencil skirt with a white button-down. I love to create something brand new out of the blank canvas that is my wardrobe. It’s like getting to play dress up every single day. What could be more fun!

My name is Sophie Herzing and I’m a Creative Writing and Painting double major at this teeny tiny school you’ve never heard of called Lycoming College. In a small school like that, I like to stand out. I like to do that with my super loud laugh, my bubbly personality and of course, my style. I think college is an amazing time to figure out not only your internal self, but also how you want to present that to everyone around you. It’s a time to experiment, so have as much fun as you possibly can.

My style today is something super fun and random where I just put together a bunch of my favorite pieces. My striped turtleneck is one of those gems you find at Abercrombie & Fitch when scouring the clearance section. To brighten it up, I’ve chosen this rainbow statement necklace. I’ve paired it with my staple neon green corduroy skirt. Even though I purchased this years ago, a trendy twist on this look would be a faux suede A-line skirt, like this one from Abercrombie & Fitch as well. Simple black tights and some UGGs  make any look effortlessly cute and comfortable. My jacket is a brand new purchase from H&M in this deep wine color. To keep myself extra cozy, I’ve slipped on my favorite mittens from a local boutique and a gorgeous patterned hat that my grandmother picked out (she totally understands my style). All together, this look completely represents my everyday style: random, crazy, colorful and uniquely Sophie. Find your style this new year too with the help of us Style Gurus!