STYLE GURU BIO: Sophia Vilensky

When I was younger I would introduce myself each and every time I became acquainted with someone in a very particular way. “Hello. My name is Sophia Rivka Vilensky, and I am a ballerina. Do you want to see my moves?” Since realizing my talents did not lie on the stage, I have traded in my ballet slippers for my trusty Birkenstocks (with or without socks depending on the weather). I am, however, not opposed to wearing a tutu if the mood strikes.

Hailing from the land of frigid bliss that is the University of Minnesota, I am currently in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in studies in cinema and media culture. As it so happens, film often plays a large role in my daily fashion inspiration. I am deeply influenced by the dream that is Sofia Coppola, whose films and personal styles are often reflected in my wardrobe choices (the Bling Ring, anyone? Scarlett Johansson a la Lost in Translation! The Lisbon sisters!) Marc Jacobs recently released a lipstick color in honor of the icon, and I was so there.

Here’s some more fun information: my broad shoulders have forced me to adapt to a classic outlook on fashion, and I would not have it any other way. My younger sister is a makeup genius—I am still learning. If I had to pick between style and taste I’d choose both. I’m picky about fabrics, and I truly believe that one’s beverage of choice can be his or her best accessory.