STYLE GURU BIO: Sonika Kohli

STYLE GURU BIO: Sonika Kohli

Hi Fashionistas/os! I am Sonika Kohli, Soni for short, and this is my second semester as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru. This internship has already opened my eyes to a world of opportunity so the obvious choice was to come back for round two! I am a sophomore at Rutgers University New Brunswick and am on track to major in art history and marketing with a minor in Spanish. Not your average combination but there is a method to my madness.

I do not want to reiterate too much from my first Style Guru bio so I am going to keep this short. Feel free to check out my first bio for a more in depth biography!

I have always known my dream was to make it in the fashion industry, but like many a child, that dream was often suppressed. It is not like there are classes about “How to Become Instagram Famous Using your Personal Style” or “How to be a Stylist 101.” So I took to YouTube in 2012 and started my channel with the aim of getting my name out there and expressing my passion where it is welcomed. To this day I still put out videos nearly every week and try to encourage the girls to express themselves, no matter their interests, race, gender, appearance etc.

In addition to YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are my other favorite social media platforms. I am that girl who tries to capture every moment, whether it is on my Canon T5i named Charlotte, or on my iPhone. I am also that girl who documents every aesthetically pleasing meal I eat and every day I happen to put makeup on or actually do my hair. Long story short, you can find me all over the Internet and I intend to make a lasting impression.

Personally, social media is not just about making a break in the fashion industry. There is a lot of progress I want to make in industries like entertainment, fashion, modeling, media, etc. For example, advocating for increased representation of minorities in media and decreasing the limitations imposed on models and those who the media focus on. I feel strongly about the negative reactions that these narrow industries create. CollegeFashionista is one of the most open-minded companies I have seen as of late and I am proud to be representing them, as they align with the highest of my ideals.

So on a lighter note, I’d like to end this post with a bit about the trends I currently love. While I may not be able to afford most of the styles I wish to embody, that does not stop me from ogling over them. At the top of my list is the ’90s throwback. Silk slip dresses over casual T-shirts with a choker to match is the iconic look of the moment. And the iconic look of nearly 30 years ago. I am also crazy for pointed toe heeled ankle booties. If only my bank account could cover trendy pieces.