STYLE GURU BIO: Sofina Bassett

June 3rd, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello beautiful people! I’m Sofina and this is my fourth semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am an online journalism student for UMass Amherst and am also currently working on earning a certificate in fashion industry essentials through Parsons School of Design. I am so excited for this summer because it’s my favorite time of the year and it means I get to live in crop tops and bronzer!

I was born and raised in Osaka, Japan where I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to model for 11 years. This greatly influenced my interest in fashion and beauty because what girl isn’t going to enjoy having professional makeup artists doll them up and take pictures? I am very much a visionary when it comes to styling, which makes putting together outfits really fun for me. As soon as my eyes land on a piece of clothing in a store my brain starts coming up with all the different ways I could style it. I love it.

My personal style is pretty classic but with an edge. I have an obsession with neutrals and own every type of clothing in the colors black and beige. I believe in investing in classic, good quality pieces. I could easily live on only tight black clothing for the rest of my life! Pictured here I am wearing a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, a kimono style top and my favorite bag for everyday.

When I’m not shopping online or working on my Instagram game, I’m usually watching a movie, reading a thriller or silently correcting a person’s grammar over my cup of coffee (I don’t have an addiction, I swear). And if I’m not doing any of those things, chances are it’s because I’m too busy taking pictures of somewhere I travelled to. When I don’t have flights to look forward to in the year, I feel weird and immobile so I make it a priority to always have travel plans. I guess that comes with growing up always flying between countries.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming articles on summer fashion and keep your eyes open for me on Instagram (I’m also a social media intern for CollegeFashionista). Let’s have a #RAD summer!