STYLE GURU BIO: Sofina Bassett

May 25th, 2015 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU BIO: Sofina Bassett

Hi fellow Fashionistas! This is my second semester as a Style Guru and I am so excited because it’s for my favorite season: summer (I hate the cold with a passion). I wrote for CollegeFashionista during the spring semester of 2014 at San Diego State University and was assigned the men’s fashion column; it was definitely a challenge but I learned a lot! Since then, I have transferred to University of Massachusetts-Amherst and am currently an online student majoring in Journalism.

I was born and raised in Japan and spent my summers on the west coast of the U.S. I love traveling and am always willing to go anywhere I’ve never been. Japanese fashion is very different to what you see in America, and being exposed to both styles from being bicultural has helped build my understanding of expression through fashion. Since I was little I’ve enjoyed choosing what to wear, and over the years I’ve learned exactly what it is I like and what I don’t. As a result, I have a very strong sense of personal style, which makes shopping and styling outfits come naturally to me.

I’ve found that I basically only wear five colors: black, red, beige, white and gold. Every now and then I’ll spice things up and throw in a different color, but red is mainly the only bright shade I wear. I love red and always have, because it’s such a confident color, and confidence is everything when it comes to personal style. Neutrals are another favorite; they make it so easy to put together outfits because you’re guaranteed they’ll go well with anything. I’ve been really liking the color duo of white and gold and I have an obsession with anything nude— it’s a gorgeous twist on your basic white.

Overall, my personal style is very simple and I like the look of femininity with an edge. I absolutely live for the days I get to dress up. I enjoy formal events because you get to wear special outfits and drench yourself in glamour! For everyday looks, I always have something on in the color black. I can’t help it! In my photo I am wearing a simple crop top, a high-waisted pencil skirt, nude heels and a black clutch. I usually stick with flats and flat sandals for casual days, but I love a good pair of heels.

During the summer I live in crop tops and dresses, so keep your eyes open for them in my future articles. I hope my posts inspire you this summer!