STYLE GURU BIO: Silvia Gonzalez

Hi, everyone! My name is Silvia Gonzalez. Fun fact about me is I am fortunate enough to not hate or have the fear of people find out my middle name. I am currently a junior at California State University Long Beach, majoring in communications studies and minoring in journalism.

Born and Raised in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, living here has significantly shaped my fashion style. I would consider my fashion style to be a mixture of boho and minimalist, like the famous saying “less is more.” My passion started in high school when I became addicted to Tumblr and Pinterest. After reblogging many trendy outfits, I finally decided to devote more time indulging myself into the world of fashion.

The outfit displayed above consists of my absolute favorite articles of clothing. To start off, high-waisted jeans are a must in every closet. My go-to jeans are the Jamie Jeans from Topshop. They hold everything in place, which is great. Summer is here, and crop tops are essential, especially with the crazy heat conditions in LA. My black crop top is from Tilly’s, and I paired it with a strappy bralette to add personality.

Because that day was surprisingly windy, I paired my outfit with my flannel from 7 For All Mankind. I love wearing flannels to the beach on windy days because it protects you from the sand that is blowing everywhere. Lastly, shoes are like the final staple to every outfit. My slogan for sandals is the strappier the better. I got my sandals at American Eagle Outfitters.

One last fun fact about me is that I love celestial objects, which is best represented in my jewelry. I love the night sky, so that’s why I am always at the beach and basking in its ambiance.