STYLE GURU BIO: Sidney Salvador

Hello there! My name is Sidney Salvador and I am currently a fourth-year communication and design double major with a minor in professional writing at the University of California, Davis.

I am a food junkie, animal lover, photo enthusiast and curious explorer. I have a love for all matter design and appreciate individual self-expression. Through past and present styles, my knowledge on everything from beauty tips to clothing is continuously growing and is something I would love to share as a Style Guru.

My fashion sense blends my passion for urban art, street style and creative simplicity. I am intrigued by the most intricate textures to natural colors of lighter and darker shades. If you’re a college student like me who wakes up early for class and stays up late finishing projects, then you most likely have a go-to outfit consisting of your favorite cardigan or army jacket with boots that reflect your mood of the day. However, on weekends I love dressing up and cherish formal wear moments. When I need to, I can spend hours looking for the perfect outfit and love every minute of it. I find accessories to be important, but believe less is better. You can find me always wearing my Michael Kors watch and a very minimal necklace.

My goals in life are to continue to grow in a more freely creative direction and be able to help others expand their imagination for a bigger purpose. I value creativity, passion and hard work, and look forward to meeting great people and gaining more inspiration along the way.