STYLE GURU BIO: Shivani Patel

Hello beautiful people! My name is Shivani Patel and I am a summer Style Guru intern! I am currently attending Cal Poly Pomona and just finished my second year. My major is apparel merchandising and management along with a minor in international business. I love anything with mangoes, always down for Thai food and am consistently on the lookout for unique ice cream shops. I enjoy spending time with friends and discovering different places around the world. My love for photography began in my senior year of high school when I became active in taking photographs of people, nature and architecture. I now see photography as an adventure and would say my favorite place to go to take pictures is Los Angeles. Visiting this city motivates me to do my best in anything and I am always bound to find something new in this environment.

Currently, my most played playlists are Hip Hop and old school R&B. If I ever hear Biggie Smalls playing in the distance, I am the one to start jamming out and dancing. One popular artist and role model I look up to is Gwen Stefani. I still blast her songs on my radio and I’m even more inspired by her work because of her fashion line which she started in 2003, L.A.M.B. Her fashion designs usually have a patterned print, yet embody a classic style.

When I was in middle school, my interest in fashion design developed just by a Christmas gift my mother gave me. This present was a Project Runway Design Kit and I did not expect it would greatly influence my career path. By receiving my mother’s gift, I began creating endless fashion designs. After creating these designs for so long, I decided that I should pursue a career in fashion. This one present led me to so many opportunities and pretty much inspired me to go into the fashion industry. With that, I hope you try something new everyday and are inspired to create some of your own looks this summer!