STYLE GURU BIO: Sheyann Joseph

January 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

Fashion is defined in the dictionary as a manner of doing something. The definition of fashion holds so much precedence and truth. Fashion is often overlooked or thought of as a luxury for many people, but fashion has power beyond the latest trends and designer labels. It has the opportunity to communicate things that words often can’t. Beyond that, it has the power to do so much good in this world. For me, fashion came as a way for me to feel confident. As a young girl, my struggle with self-esteem was a long and troublesome path. I longed to be the prettiest and thinnest girl. I quickly realized that girls were cruel and the only way to overcome it was to either join them or beat them. So, instead of fighting with my words I decided that my style will speak for me. I wanted to be the best dressed. I saw my clothes as a way to communicate with my peers that I may not be the thinnest girl in the bunch, but my style holds more value than your preconceived ideals of who I should be. I noticed how much of a positive impression the clothes that you wear can have. Girls no longer saw me as a weak link, but as an ally. This may all seem superficial, but it doesn’t have to be. You can see clothes as a reminder of how hard you work or how good you feel. Your style communicates what your mood is or what you plan on telling the world that day. I plan on using my fashion as an action. My goal in fashion is to make women feel beautiful and to know their self-worth. When I was younger it wasn’t the clothes themselves that were working for me, it was the confidence and the person who radiated through the clothing when I put them on. If I could make women feel what I feel when I put my clothes on, then I know that I have completed my life’s mission, to make all women feel beautiful and embrace themselves.