Hello, fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Shelby Pack and I am a senior at the University of Mississippi working to finish up my English major before graduating in May. Writing and fashion have always been major interests of mine and I am so excited to bring them together this semester as a Style Guru!

Over the years, my style has transitioned from classically preppy to a more relaxed, bohemian vibe. Before college, I attended a high school that required a uniform and instead of rebelling against that look outside of class, I embraced my inner Gossip Girl. I was drawn to cardigans, button-downs, headbands and everything in between, appreciating the comfort of what I knew. This was also translatable into my everyday wear, allowing me to stand out, if only a bit, from those around me. I was sure that my love for the tried and true would last forever but once I came to college I found myself being drawn to styles that had never crossed my mind before. Between meeting different people and my newfound obsession with Pinterest, my style slowly began to change more and more.

Flash-forward three years and my closet is filled with breezy tops, earth tones and eclectic accessories. I would describe my current style as a cross between boho and hipster but I still find myself returning to my past preppy pieces from time to time. In my experience, personal fashion is constantly evolving and I am always looking for new trends to try!

While I do love variety within my wardrobe, I have a few favorite items that I can be found wearing most days. Black jeans, a pair of booties and an array of rings are my fashion must haves. I’ve found a nice base with these style staples and from there I implement different, unique pieces.

I am so excited to start my CollegeFashionista journey and can’t wait to see what styles this semester has in store for us!