STYLE GURU BIO: Shelby Behrman

January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey there Fashionistas/os! This is my first semester on the CollegeFashionista team, and I am pumped! Before I start sharing my fashion advice let me tell you all a little bit about me.

I’m a sophomore studying communications and psychology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is both a college town and a quirky city with a ton of diversity of culture, fashion, and yes, even food. Take a walk through the school’s diag and you are sure to come across a prepster, a goth, a hipster and everything in between. While many people at Michigan pride themselves on Vineyard Vines and Patagonia (yes I’m talking to you frat boys) others rock Dr. Martens and beanies.

At a school of 45,000 students, there’s bound to be people with all different fashion senses, yet I still find it intriguing to walk just a few blocks and encounter men and women who vary so drastically in their fashion styles that say such different things about them.

Since the 6th grade, I’ve always found joy and thrill in experimenting with my style. I found it enthralling that I could change my image just by changing my outfit; I could be a different person by wearing different clothes. I tried out every style, ranging from the all-black, heavy eye makeup grunge look to the froufrou skirt, super girly look and everything in between. Even now, years later, my fashion style is still a mixture of many different styles; though I categorize my style as boho with a hint of preppy.

See, I believe, what you wear and how you dress is not as simple as just throwing on some clothes, it’s a way to express yourself; it’s a way to show people who you are without telling them. One’s fashion style says things about them that they may not always be able to express with words. When I pick out clothes in the morning to wear, I pick out clothes that match how I’m feeling that day. I start each morning by asking myself: What do I want to tell people about myself today?

I hope to share my love and appreciation of diverse styles, featuring many fabulous fellow University of Michigan students, throughout my first run at being a Style Guru. I look forward to showing off all of the great looks at my school and inspire others with their own self-expression of their style. Get excited for my weekly street style posts on Mondays this semester!