STYLE GURU BIO: Shaylin Carper

My name is Shaylin Carper and I am a senior English major at Temple University, thrilled to announce my third semester as a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista! This semester, however, is going to be entirely different than the last. Philadelphia won’t know what hit it.

Just one short year ago, I was studying and interning in Rome, Italy. Honored by my position at CollegeFashionista, I had the chance to blog every step of the way. Italian fashion culture is like no other—polished, refined, simple, yet incredibly edgy. I’ve most definitely adapted some of this street style into my own wardrobe after only four months of living in the Eternal City. Being back home has made it shine through more than ever. I guess you could say I’m holding on to the only piece of Italy that I still can. This is just another reason I find fashion to be so important—not only does it reflect your own identity, it carries some of the greatest memories.

Despite my longing to hop the next flight back to Rome, I’m ecstatic to be home in the City of Brotherly Love! It’s going to be an entirely new CollegeFashionista experience for me, photographing and writing about Philadelphia’s colorful and fun fashion scene. As for my style? It changes by the day. Some days I’ll be all black on black because it makes me feel chic and confident. Others, you’ll find me in whimsical dresses and chunky cardigans. Most days, you’ll find me in funky consignment store clothing because thrifting is my personal specialty. Whichever way you’ll find me, I’ll always have two things in my hands: my camera and my notepad. G

et ready, Philly—this season’s street styles are going to be like no other.