STYLE GURU BIO: Shauna Steele

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello there, Fashionistas/os and hello sweet summer! I thought the day would never come but the spring semester is officially over, it’s 75 degrees outside and I can hear the ice cream man pulling down the block. Doesn’t that just sound amazing? Add being a Style Guru to the list and you have a perfect summer!

My name is Shauna and I am a senior at SUNY Oneonta where I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising. This is my second time on board with the CollegeFashionista team and I really couldn’t have asked for a better internship to be a part of. CollegeFashionista has helped me with quite a few things such as encouraging me to deepen my knowledge of the fashion industry. More importantly though, it has given me confidence in my writing and expressing my own opinions. It is not always easy to put yourself out there and allow people to speculate on your raw thoughts, but I am thankful that CollegeFashionista has allowed me to break out of my comfort zone a bit.

So a little about myself: I am an Aquarius, an optimist and a cat lover. On my days off I’m either crafting, enjoying the outdoors or watching classic Audrey Hepburn films for the thousandth time (she really couldn’t be any more perfect). There are a lot of influences on my personal style such as: the bohemian vibes of Free People, Anna Karina and French New Wave fashion in general. What I always seem to come back to is comfort; I adore that effortless, “I just threw this on” look. You will usually find me in muted colors (not a huge fan of bright things) or the universally chic shade of black.

If my STYLE GURU BIO has caught your attention at all then you’re in luck because my articles will be posted here every Thursday! Be sure to follow me on Instagram/Twitter so you can stay in the loop and join me for a very fashionable summer! Ciao for now.