STYLE GURU BIO: Shante Shedrick

January 7th, 2015 at 2:10am

Greetings from the Sunshine State! My name is Shanté Shedrick and I am a senior at the University of Florida working towards a Bachelors of Science degree in Journalism and Communications. For as long as I can remember I have always had an interest in fashion and beauty. In elementary school I transformed my traditional navy blue and khaki uniform into a DIY project. One word, accessories! In middle school I spent much of my free time experimenting with eye shadow pallets and liquid eyeliner. By the time I got to high school, I was what I considered to be the definition of a Fashionista. I styled and coordinated outfits with my friends, created a fashion section in the school newspaper (Spartan News Network) and won best dressed by the end of my senior year. To this day much of that momentum has remained the same. My future aspirations are to continue that path in hopes of becoming a fashion journalist.

My personal style is something I have never been able to categorize. As old trends fade and news ones surface, I am constantly reconstructing my wardrobe. Now that I am a little wiser and a lot more frugal, I am persistent in taking a balanced approach to the latest trends. My closet is mostly made up of timeless staples and trendy driven pieces. Although I haven’t gone completely immune to the endless cycle of fads, I’m certainly not rushing to the mall every chance I get anymore. My new minimal approach to personal style is all about embracing the concept less is more. When shopping, I ask my self three questions; how will this harmonize into my daily lifestyle, am I choosing quality over quantity and above all, is this a reflection of my personal style. In doing so, I find longevity in the aestheticism of non-definable outfits. 

When it comes to inspiration, I’m usually not inspired by anyone in particular. Sometimes I’m motivated by art and music. Other times, I pull from the leading fashion icons such as the Olsen twins, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoe and Kim Kardashian West.

As a new Style Guru, I look forward to bringing you inspirational post that captures the many fashion trends around campus. Feel free to follow me on social media and check back every Wednesday for the latest updates. Until then, stay stylish in the swamp.