STYLE GURU BIO: Shannon Mayembe

I have definitely set myself up for a busy semester; I’ve got three writing gigs (that includes CollegeFashionista) and four science classes. Cue the crying, but it’s ok since I enjoy being busy—it keeps me focused. I am a Biology Pre-Med major at Kennesaw State University with a minor in Public Relations. Fashion has always been my passion and I was not going to pass up an opportunity to express that love.

Being a multifaceted person has its downsides. For instance, choosing a major is the absolute worst thing I have had to do. I wanted to study Communications, English, Science and Art. Obviously, I cannot do all of them so I settled on science because of the job stability and I want to work with athletes, since I was one myself. So how did I end up over here since biology and fashion have nothing to do with each other?

I used to read fashion magazines obsessively, buying them from my public library, reading them while I followed my mother around in the grocery store. Project Runway was constantly on our TV over the summers. I begged my parents for a sewing machine, which I thankfully got. I took so many fashion classes in high school to the point that it annoyed my parents. I started seriously looking into fashion schools in 10th grade, finally settling on Parsons the New School for Design in New York City. Too bad my parents were not as thrilled as I was when I presented them with the idea.

Currently, I’m obsessed with blouses and matte lipstick. Living in Georgia and not being used to the heat has really cramped my style. Going from gloomy, cold Pittsburgh to hot, sunny Atlanta has been a challenge but I think I have managed. Light blouses are good for the heat if you’re someone who wants to avoid wearing plain T-shirts over the summer.

I rarely show a lot of skin, so I tend to stick to jeans even in the summer. I have always had a love for ripped jeans since I was a kid. Now that I’m a young woman, ripped jeans need to be a little more grown up. I tend to lean towards the light to medium wash of ripped jeans, simply because they seem more laid back. I try to keep them not too skinny because the heat sticks to my legs and it is just miserable to walk around in them when they’re are constricting.

Matte lipstick is life right now. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved all things lipgloss or lipstick. Anytime I got money, that is what I bought, besides candy, of course. When you’re a young lady, lipgloss is too childish and finding the right lipstick that will stay on throughout the day is doozy. With my dark skin tone, I wear lots of purple and brown lipstick so I don’t look like a doll. Using a lip liner helps settle in the color so it lasts me the entire day—even while I’m eating!