STYLE GURU BIO: Shannon Ciricillo

Hello, my RAD “homies”!

I’m stoked to be back again for my second semester as a Style Guru. In these next few months, I hope to enlighten your fashionable minds with nothing but constant outfit inspiration.

I have a thirst for adventure and strong cups of coffee. Although I currently attend the University of Central Florida in Orlando, I try to spend my free time exploring. Whether it is driving across the country with my friends or just to a neighboring town for an aesthetically pleasing café, I am inspired by the places I go. You can most likely find me sipping a cold brew and attempting to live my life according to Amy Poehler.

As I enter my last semester of college, I must face the daunting fact that the real world is quickly approaching. With a degree in communications and focus in creative writing, I have yet to put my finger on what defines the career of my dreams. One thing I do know is that I need something that will push my creativity. I try to channel my inner artist every day, whether that is through writing, photography or curating an outfit. I believe in the power of endless expression.

Growing up in the sunshine state the last 22 years has been formative in my fashion process. I’ve realized that my style does not play well with the overbearing humidity and sweltering heat. I favor darker tones, flannel shirts, find comfort from the days of leather jackets and rock n’ roll, and have a love affair with every pair of ankle boots that I lay eyes on.

I’ve always considered myself a highly visual person. I picture the world in still frames, capturing what is around me through the lens of my camera. From a simple cup of perfectly crafted coffee to an ivy-covered wall, these little pieces collectively form to represent the canvas of my life. What I see and experience, translates into the persona I want to share with the world. I strive to exude my personality in the way I act, speak and most importantly dress. I believe that what you wear represents who you are. In its beauty and intricacy, fashion is simply what I want my life to be, a work of art.

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