September 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey, fabulous Fashionistas/os! My name is Serena Xu and I am a graduating senior at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. I am majoring in international business with a minor in Chinese. My love for fashion has come from the confidence I have from just being myself. Also, trips to New York and Chicago did not hurt while seeing those marvelous stores. Although I am saddened that this is my last semester as a Style Guru, I feel this is going to be the best semester yet.

My interest for fashion has taken off in this past year. I am going through the process of transitioning into a woman right now and the level of happiness to dress as a fabulous Fashionista is just an amazing feeling. I still have that guilty pleasure for shopping; I spend way too much of my money on purses. Fashion has brought together so many wonderful friends and new opportunities–it has become my life.

Ohio State is an awesome place because no matter what the temperature is outside, you see all different types of fashion choices. The area is so diverse as well and fashion ranges from everything. I love what my girlfriends wear at OSU; their style is so fun.

Gigi Gorgeous said it so perfect, “If you have people hating on you, you are doing something right.” I love being myself. Other people that are mean to me do not  matter to me at all. I encourage every one of you just to be who you are. I am really happy with my life choices. I cannot wait to capture the moments of my fabulous Buckeyes.

Be sure to check out my posts this fall for campus fashion tips.