STYLE GURU BIO: Serena Christie

STYLE GURU BIO: Serena Christie

Hello, and welcome all my fellow Fashionistas! My name is Serena Christie and I’m immensely stoked to be a Style Guru for the fall 2016 semester. A little bit about moi: I’m from Los Angeles and I grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Now, I’m a sophomore at California State University Northridge with a passion for self-expression.

Throughout my teenage years, I have adopted a unique variety of ways to express myself, including but certainly not limited to social media, clubs, music and of course my personal style. However, I have recently discovered (what I think to be) the greatest form of self expression, writing and photography.

The fact that a photograph has the power to make you feel intense, polarizing emotions is part of what makes it so beautiful. There’s always a story to be told from both points of view of a picture, in front as well as behind the lens. You have the ability to take and post photographs, showing off the image and portraying a certain subject however you please. But your self expression doesn’t stop there. Written words are your own personal mark, transforming an objective photo into a personal experience. Whether that be posting your ideas to hundreds of thousands of followers, or using your lucky pen to write in your own private journal, both are powerful forms of self expression.

The expression process to me is all about giving and receiving. This semester, I’m looking forward to sharing ideas, advice, and most of all, I am looking forward to becoming a college fashionista alongside you all, my newest friends. Because of my location in sunny SoCal, I have the wonderful opportunity to experience and enjoy all of the diverse fashion the city and surrounding areas have to offer. I’m excited to share with you all the rad styles of the Los Angelenos!