Greetings! I am a new Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista, and my name is Selah (sel-uhh) Park. I am currently attending my second year at the University of California, Santa Barbara under a double-major program of communication and Japanese.

My fashion influences and inspirations came about when I was very young. My sister was always into the newest trends and always carried around her notebook sketching all the designs her creative mind could think of. When my sister began to buy wacky clothes and futuristic trends (she is eight years older than me), I subtly took in all the clothes she wore and the methods of how she did her makeup every day. Slowly beginning around middle school, I began to experiment with my own fashion items: music-note neckties, red suspenders, stonewash skinny jeans, fur tail keychains and dying my hair a different color every so often. Now, many years later, my sister is an aspiring fashion designer and I am a fashion enthusiast.

Growing up, I never really focused on seeing runway shows and studying designer brands. It was a mentality of thinking something looked good and wanting to wear it. I still to this day live by that motto of basically wearing whatever I want. However, as a young woman aspiring to become a citizen of the fashion country, I took it upon myself to begin to actually look at what designers all around the world were creatively showcasing. I began to deeply appreciate brands such as Chanel, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, adidas, Rodarte, MCM, and many more. I also began to favorite some models including Behati Prinsloo, Gisele Bündchen, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne.

So why am I pursuing communication and Japanese? Being no good at drawing, I decided to try to work in the industry I love through communication fields such as human resources or marketing. In regards to Japanese, I have ambitions to work with the fashion trends in Japan, the Harajuku and the fashion culture there is extremely innovative and ahead.

My style is very spontaneous, I never know what sweet outfit I am going to crave the next day. Usually at school, I dress pretty comfortably. However, when I’m feeling like I want to treat myself, I usually wear something modern, edgy, sleek or futuristic.

Here, I am wearing a Romwe coat over a Plastic Island white t-shirt. My skinny jeans are from Forever 21 and my fabulous boots are from eBay. I love to wear global clothing brands and I especially love to shop on eBay!

I hope you guys enjoy my posts this semester and never be afraid to express yourselves!