STYLE GURU BIO: Sascha Fernandez

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey, Fashionistas/os! I’m Sascha Fernandez, a third-year student studying Communication, Art History and Psychology at Rutgers University!

Many argue that a love for fashion is a trait that is developed; however, I seem to differ. Love for fashion is inherited. Case in point, my many encounters with fashion, beginning with how I wanted to take over my grandmother’s position as I watched her make the many gowns that I now own by hand, or how I wanted to style my mother as I watched her pick out the accessories she would don as she continued to get dressed. However, the most significant feeling was the butterfly sensation I felt as I watched the late Oscar de la Renta give a brief interview with Univision about his CFDA award in 2000.

Having developed the web surfing skills at a young age, I constantly found myself online and searching up the latest fashion shows, trends and news. I would find myself stumbling upon websites like, WhoWhatWear, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), The Man Repeller, The Blonde Salad and many more. The more I surfed, the more I was informed; it got to the point where I tried to diverge the conversation to some sort of fashion-related topic. I was infatuated!

My love for fashion will never die down; I love to experiment with accessories, trends and shoes, but one aspect of fashion that is timeless is the LBD. The little black dress—every girl has at least one, but wants more. They can be wore at any time of the year and can be worn more than once; they can be reinvented with the type of accessories or shoes you choose to wear with it. Forget about diamonds—an LBD is a girl’s best friend.

I love how everyone interprets fashion differently. What I perceive as magnificent might not translate to you as so, but the underlying factor of all is style. Everyone has a sense of style. Style, derived from cultures, environments, families or friends, is a mere reflection of oneself. It is how one interprets the nurturing messages of their environment, their frustrations and their personality through the expression of their clothing. I am most eager to see how the Fashionistas/os communicate their sense of style.

Stay tuned, because every Tuesday I will be writing weekly posts and sharing the diverse fashion being represented on the Rutgers campus!