STYLE GURU BIO: Sarika Patel

Fashion plays a huge role in everyone’s day whether they acknowledge it or not. It changes frequently and that can be hard for a lot of people to keep up with. A new “it” bag arises and you suddenly feel like your leather fringe bag is too out of date to don. Pantone names Serenity Blue a new color of the year, and now your new shift dress isn’t wearable. This is a system of continuous flux and flow. There’s a psychology to fashion, and as a psych major I plan to find out the exact mechanisms of our minds that lead us to choosing and liking what we choose and like. The fashion industry is definitely ephemeral, but that doesn’t have to mean we need to throw out all of last season’s trend. It’s all on a loop, and that trend will return.

My name is Sarika Patel and this is my third semester writing for CollegeFashionista. This internship has given me the amazing opportunity to share my street chic style and obligates me to not lose my passion for fashion amidst the delirium we call college. I’m currently studying psychology at the University of South Florida and love everyday Tampa brings me. Yes, I wish the winter was actually under 70 degrees so I could wear these over-the-knee boots more often, but I can’t complain about this beautiful state.

I’ve mentioned before that I categorize myself as street chic; my sleek, neutral looks tie in with my more feminine, chic looks. My outfits change from day-to-day, like the industry itself. I’ve had this light blue dress since last spring, and it’s now back in relevant and “trendy” fashion. A key is to opt for 75 percent basic, neutral/monochromatic pieces and 25 percent trendy pieces. My Céline nano luggage bag is accessorized with a faux-fur pom-pom and layered on a black, light trench coat. Your style doesn’t have to follow exact trends, your real goal with fashion should be to create your own brand.

That being said, I hope 2016 is the year you all find your own style and brand. Follow trends (lace-up heels forever), but don’t lose yourself in solely keeping up with them. You should feel yourself in your clothes; that’s what makes fashion what it is.