STYLE GURU BIO: Sarah Ojacastro

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah. I’m a returning Style Guru for the summer and I’m also currently wrapping up my second year of college as a biochemistry major at the University of California, Riverside. A few things have changed since I last made a STYLE GURU BIO, so allow me to fill you in!
In the previous years, I had my heart set on becoming a doctor. However, with much contemplation I realized that career path was not best suited for me. Just of lately, my heart is now set on returning to a college campus to pursue a career as a biochemistry professor. My love for science has not changed, just as my love for fashion has stayed consistent. Though that’s not to say that my style hasn’t evolved a bit since I was last posting a STYLE GURU BIO.
Lately I have been very pleased with the laidback, casual and comfortable style. I still enjoy looking well put together as I walk into my lectures, don’t get me wrong! I believe a simple dress with small accents paired alongside a comfortable statement cardigan achieves my new “simplicity is key” outlook on fashion. However, as I move into my upper division classes, I have less time to accessorize or plan outfits the night beforehand. With that being said, a clean pair of combat boots just as I have pictured here is never a wrong fashion move when trying to achieve maximum level of comfort and perfect amount of edge. I’ve also recently been obsessed with hair accessories of all sorts such as this floppy hat for example. It’s quick, easy and cute. All things crucial for a Fashionista.
Introductions can only be so long, so don’t forget to check back to see more articles and to get to know me better!