STYLE GURU BIO: Sarah Gilliam

To quote Michael Scott, “Well, well, well how the turntables…”

No turntables have turned, but yes, I am here for another term with CollegeFashionistaand I couldn’t be happier! It seems that just yesterday, I was writing my first article about myself and all my quirks and puns, and now I’m back with another STYLE GURU BIO for you people!

HI-YA PAL *said in my best Mickey Mouse voice.* Yes, I am just as awkward in real life as I am on a computer screen. I am about to embark on my third year of collegeyes I am a junior now…and in two very short days, I turn 20. And no, I am not prepared. I am a true kid at heart.

I enjoy watching Disney movies, along with my annual family trip to Disney at LEAST once a year  My favorite food is Indian, and my favorite restaurant is Waffle House. I really love animals: One time I got out of my car in a thunderstorm to save a turtle from the middle of a road. I especially love catsand my hamster, Lola. Also, I haven’t had a Gold Fish cracker since the age of four because I hate fake cheese flavoring. And one time, in the first grade, I peed my pants in the cafeteria and the boy I had a crush on saw. That’s about it with me.

But really what you are probably looking for is me to talk about my style. I’m eclectic, if you haven’t already noticed. I do not have a set “style,” and that’s what I like most about myself: Why limit yourself to one category? That’s not what fashion is aboutIt’s about finding what works for you and rocking it. One thing that I do on a regular basis is thrift store shopping. Consignment and thrift store shopping is something that I absolutely love and I am pretty good at, if I say so myself. My shirt, skirt and shoes pictured are all thrifted. Some people turn their noses up at wearing someone else’s clothing, but they aren’t wearing an Oscar de la Renta sweater (which I scored at my local Goodwill for less than seven dollars).

What to expect this summer: me complaining about how hot it is in the South, a lot of puns that everyone will roll their eyes at and probably a sad story about a melted ice cream cone.

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