STYLE GURU BIO: Sara Matthews

Howdy! My name is Sara Matthews, and I am a freshman at Texas A&M University. I am thrilled to be a Style Guru this semester so that I may write and share my interest in fashion—my two favorite hobbies!

Living in the hustle and bustle of Houston, I have grown up surrounded by diverse and inspiring individuals. This led me to embrace my creativity not only with my clothing, but also through dance and music. Polynesian dancing has become a large part of my life; if you don’t know what Polynesian dancing is, just think of Lilo & Stitch minus the aliens. Music is another thing I cannot imagine living without. Going to concerts and making music became a regular occurrence in my life. While switching between dance performances and band rehearsals, I always made a conscious effort to keep my personal style in mind. Even when I moved away to the smaller town of College Station to attend Texas A&M, I have managed to continue to make fashion a big part of life.

My style ranges from simple to feminine to bohemian. I like to experiment and keep my fashion choices fluid in order to suit my mood for the day. Today, I opted for a simple and causal look that is perfect for everyday activities as a college gal. I am all about comfort, so this cozy hooded sweater was right up my alley. Also, skinny jeans are a staple in my wardrobe because they go with any look I wish to gear toward. My rugged Steve Madden boots take a spot as another front runner in my outfit for today. They add a bit of edge to my casual ensemble. To offset the bulk of my boots and hooded sweater, I wore a dainty necklace and ring. I tend to keep my jewelry to a minimum and add pieces as detailed enhancements to my outfit.

From working retail during the summer, shopping way too much and spending hours of my life reading countless issues of Teen Vogue, I cannot way to share my experience and knowledge on CollegeFashionista. This semester I hope to provide wonderful articles expressing my love for fashion with all of y’all! I absolutely love writing and fashion, so I am looking forward to creating content as a Style Guru.