STYLE GURU BIO: Sara Defibaugh

Hello, beautiful people! My name is Sara Defibaugh and I am currently a junior at Ohio University. I am working towards two degrees, one in Strategic Communications and one in Creative Writing. I have many passions that have led me to follow paths in fashion, law and theater (although my passion for corgis is so great my friends may say that being a corgi mom is my true calling).

During my time at Ohio University I have pursued these passions by involving myself in different organizations across campus. When I’m not studying, I spend most of my time acting and directing for the student-run theater on campus, The Lost Flamingo Theater Company, in which I also sit on the executive board as Treasurer.

Recently, I was offered the position as Director of PR for Ohio University’s Student Senate. While many give OU a bad rep, I see nothing but potential in this beautiful campus and my fellow Bobcats; therefore, I am extremely excited to pay my dues to this community who has done so much for me!

At this point, some of you may be wondering my credentials, as to why I should be giving you fashion advice (for the record, I have no doubt that some of you are probably much more knowledgeable on today’s “hawt trends”). I encourage you to read on (for the entertainment factor if nothing elseNot only did I work for Ohio University’s online fashion magazine Thread, for which I blogged and worked on the PR team, but I have also been gifted with what people may call an “eye for fashion.” When I was little, my mother dressed me in all the greatest trends that the 90s could bringoveralls, pig tails, high socks with Keds, etc. Now as an adult, I still enjoy sporting outfits like the one mentioned above, in which I am wearing my favorite pair of not-your-mother’s ripped jeans along with my favorite photographer-boyfriend approved) brown booties.

When it comes to my style, I tend to lean towards plain tops that I know I will wear time and time again. These are generally tops that I can easily spice up with a great pair of jeans, a necklace or flannel. I do make exceptions for a top I just can’t pass up, though, such as the lace wrap top above, which I complimented with a very comfy bralette. This top is extremely versatile, as it’s perfect for a shopping trip, date, or a ladies night outa purchase I would recommend to anyone!

If you value the combination of comfortability and style as much as I do, then support your fellow Fashionista and follow me for more to come!