STYLE GURU BIO: Samuel Polley

May 29th, 2015 at 7:33am

Hello to the amazing world of CollegeFashionista! This is my first term with you all and I am beyond ecstatic. Currently I attend Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte as a Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing major: where we focus on fashion forecasting, consumer science and financing.

Being that I’m originally from New Jersey, but moved to North Carolina in my teenage years, I have a very open mindset when it comes to fashion. The styles were very much so different during transition and the way things were presented as well.  I’m able to find specific details in many looks and actually explain the factors that are entailed. I enjoy everything and anything about articles of clothing.

I love all seasons of the year, so you all will be first to witness my breakdown on looks for the season, seasons to come, styling tips, etc. Becoming a Style Guru is a great feeling, so as you all join me on this journey, I promise to provide you all with great insight during this term. Hey, let’s meet new folks together!

I always say that my style is evolving, because I do not put looks together in a certain style or manner, unless I’m on set for a campaign, etc. I am very versatile when it come to style. Also, when it comes to having to be uniformed, I have to have some peculiar.

Outside of CollegeFashionista, I will be continuing to blog with Splash of Class, working in Uptown Charlotte, networking and using my resources in strategic ways. Splash of Class is where I document all of my fashion involvement and experiences. I’m more that excited for the growth with CollegeFashionista!

Always remember, “each layer of clothing is a characteristic of who you are!”