Hey there! My name is Samu, and I’m a South African studying fashion marketing at Lisof Design and Retail Academy. This is my first time as a Style Guru, and I am so excited to share this fashion-filled journey with you all. Although I say that fashion is my long-time lover, I also have a passion for beauty which I’ll also be exploring. I am so excited to give you guys a taste of the different fashion styles that are spotted on Lisof campus.

Truly, I find it amazing how an individual can express themselves through the clothing they choose to wear. I find it to be so much fun to be able to mix and match different pieces of clothing together and how through this an individual is able to discover their sense of style. I believe that through the journey of self-discovery an individual does not stick to one specific style because we are still trying to identify who we really are and clothing allows us the freedom to do that.

I love finding inspiration from my surrounding environment, and I hope to one day find a job that allows me to travel different parts of the world and discover different styles of fashion from different places. In my spare time, I always keep myself busy with drawing and painting, I love finding elements that inspire my artistic train of thought. I’m constantly finding different kinds of medium to draw and paint on such as denim and different fabrics.

To describe my personal style: I am not much of a bright colour person. I love wearing neutral colours such as black and grey, reason being I find outfits in neutral colour schemes look more clean. This gives me the freedom to make my look appear more edgy through accessories and hairstyles (which I love changing up). For this look, I’m wearing a simple grey oversized T-shirt–I live for these! I wore it as a dress, put on some retro, clear glasses, and tied on a black ribbon for a choker. I added on some cheeky, black thigh-high stockings. Finally I added my Converse. Guys I live for my black Converse sneakers and always style them up by tying my laces just above my ankles.

So that’s a bit about me, and I hope you all loved this look!