STYLE GURU BIO: Sampada Nandyala

January 7th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello everyone! I am thrilled to be returning as a Style Guru for a sixth semester here at CollegeFashionista. Writing for the site is honestly a dream come true, as a younger me never considered becoming a fashion or style intern a possibility.

The glamorous world of fashion intrigued me at an early stage of my life, but I had a very narrow view of it all. To me, fashion was limited to the realm of runway shows. When I stumbled upon the first wave of fashion bloggers and their websites, however, I discovered that personal style also had a place in the vast industry. This is when I began to give more worth to the versatility of style and the fluidity of fashion. I understood that the rules of fashion are meant to be broken because, in the end, everything is about creativity and innovation.

My own personal style has a few different sources of inspiration, including my Indian heritage and street style snapped by the likes of Scott Schuman and Yvan Rodic. Unfortunately, I cannot quite define my style at the moment because it is in the process of evolving. Currently, I have been enjoying oversized, comfortable silhouettes in cool and dark neutrals.

When I am in a style rut, I look to my family members for inspiration; sometimes, I end up shopping their closets, like I did here with my father’s topcoat. I played around with the idea of long layers in this look, sporting a tunic-style turtleneck sweater underneath the coat. To add some color and interest to the outfit, I opted for some bright red gloves and a pair of printed shoes.

My experience with style has had its highs and lows, but I regret absolutely nothing. The fashion industry itself has had its fair share of confusing moments with bizarre trends, so there is no such thing as a faux pas. Therefore, I encourage readers to shrug off any inhibitions and explore style with a sense of curiosity. Strive for originality and stay true to the self.