Hey everyone! I’m Sami and I’m so excited to be returning for my second semester as a Style Guru! 2017 has officially begun and we’re in my favorite month of the year, although I may be biased since it’s my birthday month. Here’s a little more info about me, so that we can get to know each other a little better throughout the semester! I’m a senior completing a history major at Chapman University in Southern California, although after graduation, I plan on pursuing something with writing and social media! Although winter is in full swing for most of you out there, this California girl is still able to wear dresses and remain comfortable, provided I also have a heavy sweater or comfy cardigan to go along with it.

I would describe my style as very fluid, since my closet has a variety of different pieces that could be categorized as edgy, bright, classic, and anything in between. However, I tend to mix and match items until I have a nice mix of feminine and eclectic. For this particular look, my little eclectic piece were these studded heel clogs, which I paired with a simple t-shirt dress, aviators, cozy knit cardigan, and my trusty monogram necklace. In my opinion, you can never go wrong if something’s monogrammed!

I believe that personal style is something that’s supposed to be unique and fun. It’s where you get to express your personality to the world and not care what anyone else thinks! No matter your style, be confident and wear pieces that you love, and you’ll always be in fashion.

I’m looking forward to this new semester at CollegeFashionista where I’ll be sharing even more fun fashion and beauty articles! Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing it, enjoy!