STYLE GURU BIO: Sami Helgeson

STYLE GURU BIO: Sami Helgeson

I believe in bare feet and messy hair. I believe in travel. I believe in doing what you love and encouraging others to do the same. I believe that we have to stand up for ourselves and stand up for each other. I believe in being kind and constantly trying to learn and grow.

My name is Sami. I’m from the Coulee Region of Wisconsin, land of winding rivers and towering “bluffs” (that’s what we call our version of mountains and I didn’t realize this wasn’t a common word until a few months ago). As I write this, it is my last day in my hometown before I make the big move for school. I’m trading in my bluffs for the Rockies and making my way to the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado.

In all honestly, I’ve only been to Colorado once…for three days. So really I have no idea what I’m getting myself into and I love that. I love adventure and travel and new experiences. I love nature and meeting new people. I am beyond excited to have my go at college and to take CollegeFashionista with me!

My style changes daily and ranges from tomboy chic to preppy with colorful and vintage statement pieces. I’m a longtime fan of skirts and dresses because I feel so comfortable. I have to admit though, high-waisted mom jeans just might be my new favorite. I love collecting bracelets and taking the places I’ve seen and the people I’ve met along with me. After all, this life is all about our experiences, right?

Fashion is fun, we shouldn’t have to define our own style or stick to any sort of rules. Follow whatever trends you want; but know that your style is just that, yours. So stay #RAD and express yourselves this semester. Go make some amazing memories wherever you are in this big, big world and look great doing it.