STYLE GURU BIO: Samantha Roncalli

Style is always evolving. What was “In” last week may be stuck on the sale rack tomorrow. Personal style is no different. During my three years of college, and even the past year I have spent as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, my own style has gone through some changes. Some of that is the simple fact of growing up and realizing that the $15 top you bought may not be a life-long investment you should continue to make. Some of it however, has to do with my surroundings and the places where I gain inspiration. Going to a small Liberal Arts NESCAC school in Connecticut, we have our fair share of preppy students. I’m pretty sure every girl owns at least two pair of Jack Rogers and every guy has got to have the classic Vineyard Vines long sleeve T-shirt. And while I’ve dipped my toe into a few of these wardrobe staples, I like to think I am able to do so without completely eliminating my own flair to an outfit.

Sometimes I wake up and I want to wear nothing but lululemon leggings and a baseball hat, sometimes I want to struggle into a pair of skinny jeans and heeled booties and sometimes I want to put on a single item of clothing that makes it look as if I’ve actually put in effort. For example, this dress. I see this as being a staple of my summer 2016 wardrobe. It’s breezy, fun and easy to pair with an array of shoes, bags and accessories. Here, I paired it with some espadrille wedges, personalized necklaces, a fun cross-body bag and my favorite aviators.

I am beyond excited to begin my second summer with CollegeFashionista. Over the past year, my style may have changed, but my love of fashion and styling has definitely not. I am also spending my summer as an intern for an interior design company where I will be challenged to put together outfits every day, something I’ve been thinking about and planning for weeks.

I already know that this summer is going to be both equally challenging and exciting, and I can’t wait to see where the next few months lead me.