STYLE GURU BIO: Samantha Kim

Hey, love, thanks for being here! My name is Sam Kim and I’m currently a sophomore at Boston University studying journalism and business. Sounds serious, but if you know me you know that I’m really anything but serious. I have a passion for fitness, food, fashion, and fun! I’m all about the fun, which is why I try to have fun in everything I do, whether it be in a job, in school, or in fashion.

Have you ever worn that one outfit that made you feel happy just because you were being yourself? Well, that’s what I try to accomplish every time I roll out of bed and walk up to my closet. My street style is something between casual and trendy where I’ll take clothes that I’m comfortable moving around in and pair them with trendy statement pieces. My go-to weekend outfit is made up of a baggy T-shirt and boyfriends jeans with glasses with clear frames and some sneakers.

I feel like my style tends to match my mood and on the weekends I tend to be laid back so hopefully you dig this look as much as I do!