STYLE GURU BIO: Samantha Davin

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha Davin and I am a student at Carleton University in Ottawa. I am just returning to Canada after a year abroad studying in Scotland, so don’t be surprised if some UK style seeps into my posts, seeing all of the posh style around me has rubbed off a bit! I am majoring in Psychology and doing a minor in Communication Studies but have always been interested in fashion. I love watching red carpets before award shows and gushing about the outfits shown with my friends and reblogging fashion items ranging from runway pieces to DIY looks.

Over the years, I have become more aware of fashion and clothing and style in general. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started branching out and experimenting with more styles and trends, mostly influenced by media and also largely by street wear. My mom has great fashion sense but it has been great at helping me pick great pieces (as I can often be indecisive, especially about clothes) but also supportive of letting me explore my own expression through clothes and style.

I was born in Montreal, Canada, but have lived abroad all my life and am constantly travelling so I have style influences from all over the world. I have lived in the Philippines, the United States, Thailand, and Scotland. I have been exposed to a multitude of styles, which have all impacted my personality and style in a certain way. In addition, my friends and family have had a strong influence on my style. I tend to pick up small influences from all the important people in my life, as they inspire me every day and often inspire me to be more open to trying different styles I associate with them and branch out my own style.

It’s hard to describe my style because I feel like it is constantly changing. Overall though I would describe my style as quirky and feminine with a bit of edge, depending on how I’m feeling and the feeling I want to express to the world that day. I think style and fashion are often a way of expressing your personality or how you are feeling. Fashion and clothes can often reflect my confidence – showing my lack there of when I choose to just wear comfy leggings or a nostalgic sweatshirt or my abundance of confidence on other days when I choose to wear a jumpsuit. Fashion is highly personal and can definitely help you express yourself and open yourself up or experiment with new trends in an easy, non-permanent way!

I’m so excited for all of you to follow my style journey this summer with CollegeFashionista and I can’t wait to share all of the amazing style I find in Montreal this summer with you!