STYLE GURU BIO: Sam Yohannes

Hi Fashionistas/os! My name is Sam Yohannes. This fall, I will be entering my fourth year at Ryerson University in Toronto. I am majoring in journalism and minoring in poli-sci. This bio marks my seventh semester as a CollegeFashionista intern. I’m thrilled to be back for another round as both a Style Guru and Social Media intern. This semester, I will also be putting my penchant for grammar and copy editing to use as an Editorial intern.

Over the two years that I have been contributing to CF, I have been able to hone my skills in the two crafts that interest and engross me the most: writing and photography. I began as a doe-eyed 18-year-old, freshly out of her first year of university and agog for new challenges and experiences. This internship is the gift that keeps on giving. In every bio, I feel it’s worth repeating how my time with CollegeFashionista has been an invaluable period of personal growth.

I feel lucky to have grown up with blogs like Style Rookie, and publications like Dazed and The FADER that see the potential and value in young voices. And inspiration comes fluidly when you’re as fortunate as I am to live in a city populated by young individuals who are working hard to do what they love. I see this resolve in the people with whom I go to school and the strangers I come across during rush hour. This CollegeFashionista monthly column is a soapbox for university students around the world. Because of this job, I get to interact with those same inspiring people, I would otherwise never meet, and write about something as multidimensional as fashion. I’m free to inject humor, personal anecdotes and pop culture references as I please. This entire experience has helped me cultivate my writer’s voice.

Fashion is how some keep in touch with their heritage, show solidarity for a social movement or just express themselves. I find that my style choices are influenced by my own culture. I, sometimes unknowingly, seek out jewellery and patterned garments that are redolent of traditional Ethiopian garb. I don’t think I could ever succinctly describe my personal style.

However, the trends I am currently buying into include bell sleeves, white sneakers and chokers.

The CollegeFashionista intern team at Ryerson University grows larger every semester and I couldn’t be more delighted. With 12 Style Gurus now scouting on campus, the featured Ryerson and Toronto street style finds are sure to be exceptional. Make sure to check out our monthly posts throughout summer ’16.