STYLE GURU BIO: Sam Yohannes

May 25th, 2015 at 2:10am

Dear Fashionista/os, my name is Sam Yohannes and I am a rising third year journalism student, pursuing a minor in politics and governance at Ryerson University. This marks my first full year with CollegeFashionista and I am ecstatic to return for a fourth run as a Style Guru intern.

Though my career interests lie mostly in the realm of world affairs, this job has consistently nourished my love for photography and street style fashion, one that has been around since I was nine years old and would look forward to coming home from school everyday to catch Jeanne Beker on Fashion Television reporting on the most exclusive runway shows and best street style looks in the fashion capitals. CF has given me the opportunity to work in front of and behind the camera. (Cue a Man Crush Monday social media post dedicated to fashion and war photographer and master of the self-portrait, Cecil Beaton.)

What I have come to really love most about CollegeFashionista is that although the site focuses on fashion, the Style Gurus who contribute are pursuing fields across the board. From the pharmaceutical to public relations majors and everything in between, we all share a love and fascination with the artistry and hustle of the industry. We all possess our own styles which we inject in our weekly written posts and our STYLE GURU STYLE looks.

In terms of my personal style, I am currently fixated on a pair of silver point-toe loafers. I feel as though they provide any given look a much needed boost. They have become my go-to statement piece. Unfortunately, by the end of every wear, I regret choosing them; let’s not forget that in certain instances aesthetic wins out against comfort.

My current motto is “Overalls over everything.” Having recently purchased a pair, I find myself breaking them out on a regular basis—partly to pay homage to my five-year-old self, who regularly sported a pair of light wash denim dungarees for playtime in the sandbox, but also because there is something indisputably comforting about them. They are a socially acceptable onesie you can wear out in public and I love that.
There’s also something interesting about using a piece as simple and juvenile as bib-and-brace overalls for the base of an outfit and building on them to create a desired look—dressy or casual.

I look forward to another superb semester seeking out well-dressed and multifaceted individuals wherever I end up during the next few months. I am lucky to live in a city that facilitates such an activity. Toronto is a habitat for the stylish and creative-minded. Every neighborhood seems to have an unspoken aesthetic that all who frequent adhere to.

Don’t forget to check out my articles every Monday this summer and stay RAD!