May 29th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello all! I am back again as a returning Style Guru for the summer of 2015. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sam Peters and I am a Journalism major and Dance minor at Boston University. I have returned home to the blissful shores of California for a much-needed thawing out after New England’s horrendous winter. While the weather may have been bad there, however, the Boston fashion scene is nothing less than impeccable. No matter the coast or continent, I have been continuously inspired by the wealth of styles and ideas that I have encountered thus far.

Fashion is not merely an art form, but it is a way of life. That being said, it can most definitely have its ups and downs. While choosing what to wear in the morning has often resulted in much hair-pulling frustration (as well as my perpetual class tardiness), nothing compares to the euphoric moment when the perfect ensemble seems to fall into place. Looking good and feeling good, you can conquer anything the day may throw at you, even if its only highlight may have been looking fabulous.

Novel junkie, avid dancer, music fanatic and ardent jetsetter, my style choices are influenced by the many passions I harbor. From the elegant empire gowns of Jane Austen’s fiction to today’s popularized leotards (proving that dance-wear extends beyond the ballet bar), I find that contemporary fashion is not merely its own sector but pulls from all eras, pastimes and cultures of life. This overlap makes it so easy to see why fashion is such an integral part of our society.

As I dream of far away lands I long to visit, my outfit featured is inspired by Parisian street style. Having traveled to the city of love when I was young, I have always admired the effortless Louboutin-heeled and latte-carrying women who traipse the Champs-Élysée as if it was their runway. My ensemble is simplistic yet carries that certain je ne sais quoi that I had hoped to emulate. I paired a basic white crop top with a high-waisted black skirt for an elegant, minimalistic look. I wanted to create a bit of dimension in the look, so I added a striped denim jacket, strappy wedges and a straw fedora to complete the ensemble. This casual, sleek outfit is perfect for strolling winding cobblestone streets that hug the Eiffel Tower. If I close my eyes, I think I can nearly smell the crêpes and croissants calling my name.