May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey fellow fashion lovers! Let me introduce myself. My name is Sam McCormack and I’m a sophomore at The Pennsylvania State University. I am currently studying Public Relations and plan on minoring in Italian. It would be my absolute dream come true to one day be able to combine my love for writing, fashion and beauty and land a job working for an awesome magazine corporation in New York City.

I’ve always been interested in fashion since I was a young girl. My sister would be playing with her toy cars while I would be digging through the box of dress-up clothes filled with tutus and high heels (which were really only an inch tall but at the time it felt like they were about ten inches). I was obsessed with dressing my Barbie dolls up in the chicest dress, complete with a tiny plastic handbag, shoes and earrings to match. Fashion always played an important role in my life. In high school, I was the girl walking down the hallway who wore a skirt or a dress rather than a sweatshirt and yoga pants. I was always pretty quiet around people I was unfamiliar with so my style was how I conveyed my persona.

Fashion is a form of expression. That might be the most cliché statement ever but it is nothing but the truth. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they dress: their interests, their style and their personality. It’s a unique way to define oneself rather than with words.

My style has evolved over time. It was once strictly girly where I’d rock a pink button-down blouse everyday paired with light wash denim skinny jeans, afraid to try anything different. Now I don’t really have one word that sums up my style because I’m always open to trying new trends and ideas. It can go from edgy to girly to bohemian all in a matter of a few days. I love to experiment with my look, which stems from my creative personality. Side note: I’m addicted to buying sunglasses and shoes. But honestly, a girl can never have too many accessories, am I right? In the picture above, I’m wearing an oversized T-shirt as a dress. It’s so cute yet so comfortable.

So that’s a little bit about my style and my how my love for fashion came about. I cannot wait to be a Style Guru this summer. Feel free to follow me on social media and keep up with my articles, which will be posted every Thursday. It’s my pleasure to give each and every one of you tips, tricks and new trends for these upcoming summer months that will make you look and feel as if you stepped right out of a magazine.