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STYLE GURU BIO: Sahana Holla

STYLE GURU BIO: Sahana Holla

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! Sahana Holla here, back here as a Style Guru. As always, it is necessary to tell you a little bit about myself to break in the new semester. So, here is a short but sweet (just like me) update on what has changed in my life since my previous STYLE GURU BIO.

I am still a second-year finance major, living in the Big Apple attending the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University. This past semester has been one of the most strenuous and taxing semesters I have ever experienced. The work load was insane and the stress level was the highest it has ever been. If it is possible to receive PTSD from a semester, then someone call the doctor because I think the diagnosis is pretty clear.

Since I often express my emotions in my everyday fashion, the dark aesthetic really returned for good these past couple of months. I have recently fallen in love with stepping out of my comfort zone and taking more risks with the pieces that I rock. I have recently acquired some black overalls (which in my case, is a statement piece I would usually hesitate to style) and it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. I am still sticking to my classic ankle boots and turtlenecks, but have also become obsessed with my tall lace-up boots. Therefore, stay tuned to see how I continue to step out of my comfort zone. Next stop: snake print.

However, despite how much we despise all of the sweat and tears that us college students put into our work, there is nothing more rewarding than being successful at the end. The outcome you turn out with is one of the most fulfilling feelings one can achieve in life in general. With that said, I am so eager to get started with the new semester, because with new work, comes new responsibilities and new opportunities to truly enjoy yourself. After all, the saying is, “work hard, play hard” right?

More importantly, I am so excited to see the new style I come across my campus. We have been truly blessed with some amazing weather on the east coast, so I am eager to see how my fellow New Yorkers cope with the fairly odd weather that is upon us. With changing weather comes changing style, so I cannot wait to share with you all of the amazing street style I find. See you soon, Fashionistas/os!