January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey, hi and hello Fashionista/os! I cannot begin to find the words to express how ecstatic I am to be a part of CollegeFashionista for this semester. Currently attending Loyola University Chicago, I am studying Journalism and this will be my first semester with the CollegeFashionista team.

It’s quite difficult to remember when I acquired a “knack” for fashion; people that know me like to say it has always been my calling. Being submerged in the lively and artistic city of Chicago has not only furthered my passion for fashion but has also driven me to pursue the many outlets and careers that fashion has to offer here in the city. From discovering small, local boutiques, to spending endless hours downtown exploring the multi-level stores, fashion has become not only a hobby for me but a future career as well. Chicago is overflowing with style and an inventive aesthetic that is hard to ignore. Being a melting pot for upcoming designers and trends, I hope to shed light on the ever so inspiring Chicago in my articles.

Fashion is the one thing I can always fall back on—something that I know wherever I go or whatever I decide to do, it’ll be there. It doesn’t necessarily revolve around wearing name brands or being dressed to the nines—It’s more about self-expression and acknowledging the fact that fashion can say an infinite amount of words for you without you actually having to say any words at all.

I hope you all are as thrilled as I am for what this upcoming semester has in store. Loyola University Chicago and the beautiful city itself are just waiting to be fashionably written about on these pages! My posts will be up weekly every Wednesday, so be sure to follow my feed for more.

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”