STYLE GURU BIO: Sabrina Pierotti

January 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Ciao, bella! For those of you that aren’t at the prestigious beginner level of Italian that I am, “Ciao, bella” means, “Hello, beautiful.” Considering I just returned to America after living in Italy for four months, you’ll be learning almost everything that I learned in my basic conversation class along with fashion. Grab a warm cup of something and be ready to take notes, Fashionista/o.

I am a double major in fashion merchandising and marketing at Kent State University, and I devote the majority of my time to the library, at the Dunkin’ Donuts across the street or on a yoga mat. I want to thank you for spending this next semester with me. I am excited to see where CollegeFashionista will take us.

I know I slyly mentioned in the beginning that I lived in Italy for four months, so allow me to elaborate on that little detail. Kent State University offers a fabulous study abroad program to study in a wide range of cities from L.A. to Paris to Florence. I chose to pack my bags and move to Italy for a semester. This will be my second semester writing for CollegeFashionista, and even though I chose not to document the street style fashion that strutted the Fiorentine cobblestone streets, I now have European inspiration that will feed my Fashionista heart forever.

The reason why I love fashion is because it’s a fun outlet to share and express that future trend or that distinct style. I am so grateful that CollegeFashionista entered my life one year ago because it taught me so much more than I thought would ever come from this. It opened my eyes to the numerous outlets that are available to express style other than simply what I wear every day. Creativity and inspiration is what fuels the fashion industry, and CollegeFashionista taught me that those sources are endless. CollegeFashionista taught me how to truly write and extend my creative voice further out into the public, past the campus hallways and into the lives of my high school friends that are now scattered around the country, my distant family in Texas and even family friends that are young, hip mothers who have Christian Louboutins hidden away for a rainy day. The fashion that is shared on CollegeFashionista has no limits, and I am anxious to witness where and who my articles reach this semester.