STYLE GURU BIO: Sabrina Clinton

January 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Welcome fellow fashion junkies! I’m excited for you to indulge yourself in fashion with me. I’m simply Sabrina living and thriving in Mississippi. To be brief about my ordinary college life, I’m a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major minoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Magazine Publishing.

I’m excited about this first step into Fashion Journalism. I’ve never thought of myself as a guru of anything, but I can pull myself together with a small amount of clothes and makeup. I’ve been told I’m way too young and underpaid to actually have a wardrobe. On any given weekday you can catch me speeding to class in my favorite Nike Roshe sneakers, an Ole Miss tee or sweatshirt and yoga leggings. However, the weekend is when my wardrobe really thrives.

I would declare my style to be simple and classic. It can be very daring and edgy at times, but I usually stick to clean looks. My go-to looks are any statement pieces I can pair with skinny jeans and pumps. But I do love to spice things up with flattering bodycon dresses and wedges. My favorite accessories include hoop earrings that flatter my round face and bracelets to help my wrists look slimmer. The things that I usually add to my shopping cart the most are pieces that I know I can transform into a full look. I never shop online without an idea of how I would wear it, where I would I wear it to and when?

If you would go through my computer history, you would see how many times I visit Forever 21 and ASOS. Claire Sulmer’s style and her blog FashionBombDaily are an inspiration and my basic study guide to learn about new designers and trends. As a 20-year-old girl, I don’t have the money to buy dope designer pieces. But that does not stop me from making it rain fashion in my favorite thrift stores.

Check out my posts every Thursday. Once you get to know my style and I, you’ll love us both.