STYLE GURU BIO: Rosemarie Forgione

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” Hubert de Givenchy said this and I could not agree with it more. While I believe he is talking about more of the physical appearance of a woman, I see in it terms of style. Why shop for a certain style that doesn’t fit who you are? Or wear something just because you see an icon wearing it? Does wearing an outfit make you her? The answer is no and I believe that every outfit you wear is a true definition of your personality, style and character. Each outfit you choose to put on your body is a representation of yourself. I am not saying that your clothes define you, but your style should be something that you acquire over time, not something you find on the latest fashion feed. Your style is a representation of you, so make sure it’s the real you and not the “what’s in style now” look.

My style can be described in one word: undetermined. As the perfect example of a Gemini, I have two looks that constantly clash; my girly and flirtatious look, which visits the shoe department quite often and my comfortable, athletic look, which wants to look good, but does not wear jeans that day. And then everyone has the “ I don’t care what I look like today” look, even if you don’t want to admit it.

My outfit here is definitely a representation of my girly look. The dress is a bodycon wonder with an unusual pattern that makes it special. The pattern consists of the white background with black and charcoal colored stripes and flowers with yellow accents. That small amount of yellow was enough for me to accessorize galore. I paired this dress with a yellow side bag and yellow shoes to match. Alone, I think this dress is nothing special. But, pair it with the matching shoes and purse and I think you have found the perfect brunch outfit for a day out with the ladies. Add a floppy black hat and a ring or two and your outfit is completed and ready to be shown off.

Looking forward to a great summer with all of you!